We’re a small company that builds big tanks!

We’re a small company that builds big tanks! Or small tanks if that’s what your project calls for. Large tanks are baffled at a maximum of 16” on center. We build, drill, and tap all ports to spec.

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Water & Holding Tanks

Polyethylene and polypropylene are versatile plastics that comply with a variety of industrial specs for strength, heat resistance, chemical resistance, friction resistance, and electrical resistance. Polypropylene is an FDA-approved food industry plastic that is BPA-free and doesn’t transfer a plastic flavor.

Our quality plastics and innovated welding processes allow us to provide a lifetime warranty on all of our custom-built products.

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Diesel Fuel Tanks

Polyethylene is used to fabricate safe, compliant, and durable diesel fuel tanks of any shape or size.

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Gasoline Fuel Tanks

PVC is utilized to build gasoline fuel tanks that are stronger and more durable than their metal counterparts.

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of industrial plastic do you use?
Our tanks are fabricated using the highest quality of industrial plastics available on the market. This includes Polyethylene, Polypropylene, PVC, HDPE, LDPE, ABS, and more.
Why not a molded tank?
Sourcing a molded tank that fits exactly to your specs for your custom product can be hard or next to impossible. When you do find a molded tank, it may not be the right size and shape for maximum capacity. It is also likely to be built with lower-grade materials, leaving it with weak spots and a higher susceptibility to damage.
Why do we build the majority of our tanks from polypropylene?
It's stronger and more durable and has a much higher heat resistance than other commercial plastics. It is well suited to and resistant to most chemicals and oils, has high flexural strength, low coefficient of friction, resistant to most acids and bases, has good impact strength, good electrical resistance, and is easily repaired if damaged.
Can your tanks contain chemicals to industry spec?
Yes, we fabricate reinforced tanks with the materials required to meet your chemical resistance needs. We have successfully designed and built tanks for a variety of chemicals used across a variety of industries.
What size tank can you build?
You work directly with our business owner and fabricator to design a tank of almost any size and for almost any purpose. Some of our largest tanks are 4,000-gallon tanks for fire trucks. We can build to your existing specs or can draft a blueprint that you can approve before we begin building. Our tanks all go through our strict proprietary testing process before they are shipped to you.
How long do our tanks last?
We offer a lifetime guarantee on the tanks we fabricate. We use nitrogen welding technology to ensure the strongest welds possible. We add PTFE to the plastics we use for durability and longevity.
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